Introduction and objective:
Quality of life associated with health is regarded as an essential rating of health in many illnesses. In patients with chronic diseases, including arthritis, regular quality of life measurements should be used because the disease leads to functional deficits and pain as it progresses. The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between patients’ subjective involvement in postoperative rehabilitation and their quality of life after arthroscopic treatment for the osteoarthritic knee.

Material and methods:
This study included 95 patients after knee arthroscopy surgery in the course of osteoarthritis. The research tool consists of 3 parts: The Mini-OAKHQoL, the authors’ questionnaire for assessing patients' involvement in rehabilitation, and a questionnaire intended for collecting the sociodemographic characteristics.

The analysis showed that the respondents had the best function in the area of social support and the worst regarding physical activity. Higher patient involvement in postoperative rehabilitation increased quality of life in the physical activity and social support domains but decreased their professional activity. Using supportive devices decreased respondents’ quality of life in terms of social support, long-term planning, and going outside.

To improve long-term treatment results and quality of life in many aspects, patients' involvement in rehabilitation, understanding supportive activities in rehabilitation, and using supporting devices are necessary. Professional educational activity should be continually implemented as an important aspect of the therapeutic process and for the improvement of treatment outcomes.

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