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Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu’ - MONZ (General Medicine and Health Sciences) is a quarterly with a 50-year tradition, published by the Witold Chodźko Institute of Rural Health in Lublin. It is the continuation of ‘Medycyna Wiejska’ (Rural Medicine) published from 1966, and ‘Medycyna Ogólna’ (General Medicine) from 1994-2010. The journal is listed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MEiN), and at present has 40 scores, according to the ranking of 2022.

Number of issues: 4 issues per year

The journal MONZ is not monothematic. It is addressed to a wide circle of scientists and practitioners dealing with health sciences and medicine from an interdisciplinary perspective, including educational, from biomedical aspects of health and disease to medical technologies. In accordance with this scope of problems, the following thematic sections have been distinguished:

Biomedical aspects of health and disease
Public health
Prophylaxis of civilization diseases
Health promotion and health education
Environmental health
Psychology and sociology of health
Food and nutrition
Philosophy and bioethics
Medical technologies and telemedicine

The journal ‘Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu’ publishes original articles, reviews, letters to Editors, and other materials. All original and review articles are reviewed.

The full text of all articles is deposited in digital archives around the world to guarantee long-term digital preservation. You can also access all articles published by Institute of Rural Health in Lublin on PORTICO (
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