Prophylaxis of arterial hypertension
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Instytut Pielęgniarstwa Collegium Masoviense Wyższej Szkoły Nauk o Zdrowiu, Żyrardów
Corresponding author
Małgorzata Wojciechowska   

Instytut Pielęgniarstwa Collegium Masoviense Wyższej Szkoły Nauk o Zdrowiu, Żyrardów, ul. Gabriela Narutowicza 35
Med Og Nauk Zdr. 2014;20(4):370-373
Arterial hypertension is among the most common civilization diseases, consisting in periodical or constant elevation of arterial blood pressure above the normal value of 140/90 mmHg. It is estimated that in Poland arterial hypertension affects 20% of the adult population, and 25% worldwide. Untreated hypertension leads to damage of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, and complications on the part of the nervous system. The objective of the study is evaluation of the level of patients’ knowledge concerning their own disease, and attracting attention to the important effect of diet, physical activity and self-control in the treatment of arterial hypertension. The study was conducted by the method of a diagnostic survey using a questionnaire technique, and the research instrument was a questionnaire designed by the author. The survey was carried out at the Medical Outpatient Clinic CePeLek in Warsaw, and covered 50 patients – 22 males and 28 females. The study showed that the state of the patients’ knowledge concerning own disease was insufficient. They did not possess reliable information about their disease, nor knowledge pertaining to prophylactic measures which would allow the prevention of complications of the disease. The scope of knowledge concerning the disease depended, to a great extent, on the respondents’ gender, age, education level and duration of the disease. This confirms that there is a justified need for increasing educational activities. The main goal of education is the obtaining of a better control of arterial hypertension, and decreasing the risk of cardiovascular complications.

It seems important to implement a log-term educational programme for patients with arterial hypertension to Primary Health Care.

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