Introduction and objective:
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the health care system. The aim of the study is to assess the impact of the pandemic on the level of provision of various types of health services in Poland, based on the analysis of available scientific evidence.

Review methods:
A Medline database search was conducted on 1 August, 2023. All studies were included, regardless of the type, observation period, assessed intervention/health service and the population/group of patients to which the health services was addressed.

Brief description of the state of knowledge:
46 studies were found. These studies are based either on nationwide data, mainly from the National Health Fund database, or on data from medical records collected by the healthcare providers. Most of the studies concern the first periods of the COVID-19 pandemic in Poland, i.e. 2020 or selected months of 2020 (32 studies). Research mainly concerns hospital treatment of selected diseases, as well as primary health care, dentistry, preventive programmes, emergency medical services and individual services, such as cataract surgery, arthroplasty and transplants. There are no studies concerning services in the field of, among others: rehabilitation, long-term care, mental health care and many individual types of health services provided within a given scope.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly limited the degree of provision of most health services (74% studies). The decrease in the number of services provided was often several dozen percent (and in some cases even 100%), especially when a short period was analyzed, e.g. a selected wave of the pandemic, during which the activity of many facilities was almost completely suspended. A long-term analysis is necessary, taking into account all scopes of services, which will allow to identify areas requiring the most urgent intervention.

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