Introduction and objective:
One of the ways of solving current problems in health care is to simplify processes and procedures, i.e. the application of Lean Healthcare in health care units. The aim of the study is to show the essence and significance of implementation of the Lean Management concept in the management of healthcare units based on empirical research, with particular emphasis on: identifying the objectives of implementing the concept in the surveyed healthcare units, analyzing the processes related to implementing the concept in the surveyed units and diagnosing the effects of implementing the concept in the surveyed units.

Material and methods:
The EMC Regional Health Center in Lubin, and the Regional Center of Nephrology in Szczecinek were selected as entities qualified for empirical research. The main method used in the research procedure were case studies of the surveyed entities. The method of comparative analysis and analysis of the content of documentation of the examined entities were also used.

In the case of both surveyed entities, research has shown that the implementation of Lean Management techniques and tools has resulted in tangible benefits, including in terms of improving flexibility, efficiency of key processes, reducing resource waste and improving the quality of services provided, both from the perspective of patients (improvement of patient satisfaction measured by satisfaction surveys and opinions) and employees.

Lean Management provides effective tools to improve entities in the healthcare sector, both in terms of resources, process, logistics, quality, procedure and efficiency. Thanks to these, problems identified at the operational level can be effectively eliminated.

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