Poziom wiedzy mieszkanek wsi na temat czynników ryzyka zachorowania na nowotwór piersi oraz zasad profilaktyki

Z Zakładu Zdrowia Publicznego Instytut Medycyny Wsi im. W. Chodźki w Lublinie
MONZ 2010;16(3):406–415
W artykule omówiono wyniki badań przeprowadzonych wśród mieszkanek wsi województwa lubelskiego. Przedmiotem zainteresowania był poziom wiedzy na temat nowotworu piersi oraz jego profilaktyki.

The objective of the study was obtaining information concerning the level of knowledge of breast cancer risk factors and its prophylaxis among female rural inhabitants. The study was conducted among 402 women living in the rural areas in the Lublin Region. The control group were 100 female urban inhabitants of this Region. The women in the study were aged 35-70 and over. The survey was conducted with the use of a questionnaire form. In addition, all the respondents had mammographic examination performed. The result of mammography was correlated with the result of the survey. The great majority of rural women who participated in the survey (79.3%) admitted that they were not familiar with breast cancer risk factors. The respondents who possessed such knowledge, among the reported risk factors most often indicated: genetic factors, cigarette smoking, environment pollution, hormonal drugs, stress and inadequate diet. The results of the survey also showed that the sources of the respondents’ knowledge concerning breast diseases were mainly brochures and leaflets, TV and radio programmes, and considerably more rarely from a gynecologist or a nurse. The majority of both rural and urban women are aware of the necessity to perform mammographic examinations on regular basis (annually or once in two years).